The "Big Four” was established about 5 years ago. It is a take off on the original Big Four; the silver kings of the Comstock Lode. The modern Big Four are actually all Silver Queens and they are the executive directors for the major historic properties on the Comstock.

Fourth Ward School

St. Mary’s Art Center

Piper’s Opera House

Comstock Cemetery Foundation


The Big Four meets 6 times a year and we work as a team on public education, tours, and events. Partnerships are essential for public service organizations. The links for these amazing, woman-run properties are below.

 The Big Four are not the only historic properties on the hill and we would encourage you to see as many as you can during your stay. St. Mary’s in the Mountains has a wonderful (and free) museum below the main church. And the museum for the Liberty Engine Company is also a must see and they are located right on Main Street. The State runs the Comstock History Center and Museum which holds many exhibits and a historic train-it is also free to the public.