Silver Terrace Audio Tour;
Credits and Informaton
David Miller is Secretary of the Masonic Lodge; Jim Clark is a Trustee.  (Escurial Lodge #7, located on C Street, is the last surviving Masonic Lodge in Virginia City and was formed while Nevada was still a Territory.)
The CCF has worked on historic research projects in concert with our Recorder’s Office here in Storey County. We are always grateful for their excellent work and adherence to their own mission statement …“We are committed to protecting and preserving the integrity of the county’s historical records while providing increased access to records and staying technologically viable as we progress to the future.”
Joe Curtis, CCF director and 19-year volunteer, is one of our narrators. Joe has been a volunteer for the local fire department for 47 years. He is the Secretary-Treasurer for the Comstock Firemen’s Museum located on C Street. The purpose of the museum is to preserve the history of fire service on the Comstock. See their Facebook page for hours.
For the opening, TAPS is played by a member of the United States Navy Band.
Foster Hamilton’s funeral music is I heard a Voice from Heaven. Written by Sir John Goss (1800-1880) an English composer, organist, and teacher. The version used is performed by the Choir of The King’s Consort.

Francine Bolee, performing Mary Price, also sings for us. Beautiful Dreamer written by Stephen Foster (1826-1864)  was published posthumously in March, 1864, composed a few days prior to his death.
If you want to use any text, recording, or photograph from this audio tour, please email for royalty usage fees.


Francine Bolee reading (and singing) Mary Price, is a volunteer and music coordinator for the wonderful, historic church, St Mary's in the Mountains. She proud keeps alive the old music, as well as participates in the community that thrives and gets inspired by our stories. In the museum below the church they continue to tell the tales of long ago for the public. Its open 11am to 4pm seven days a week, weather dependent.

St. Mary's Church                                                                                                                             Liz Huntington 2019

Jeff Wood is the manager of the Comstock History Center Museum which features the original 1913 Virginia & Truckee Railroad steam locomotive #27 and a unique collection of Comstock era artifacts, photos and memorabilia.  We’re open year-round and located at 20 N. E Street in Virginia City, two blocks downhill from the Bucket of Blood Saloon.  See our Facebook page, Comstock History Center Museum, for hours.
Liz Huntington is the CCF’s secretary and 5-year volunteer. As a gifted photographer she works tirelessly to help many non-profits in Virginia City. Her gifts of creativity and messaging through the eye of her lens has graced many a website and brochure. In our executive director’s opinion Liz is the only photographer that can capture the subtle nature and true personality of the cemetery. Liz agreed to take these inspired photographs for our project. They are all copyrighted, but you may purchase them, or other photographs by going to 

Siver Terrace; Masonic                                                                                               Liz Huntington 2019

Comstock History Center

Siver Terrace; Masonic                                                                                                                   Liz Huntington 2019

Siver Terrace; Masonic                                                                                                                   Liz Huntington 2019

Arline Laferry is a Docent for the Nevada Historical Society Reno and the official CCF Historian. Arline has been working with the Nevada Historical Society and the Comstock Cemetery Foundation to gather additional information on the Silver Terrace Cemetery in Virginia City.  Information she has found helps to fill in much of the gaps in information on many of the people buried in the cemetery. Much of her research was used to create and/or verify the narratives.
Funtime Theater Company-We struggled for years in our attempts to share the stories of the cemetery with the general public-it is part of our mission. Putting up signs all over the landscape never seemed an appropriate way to do so. Our relationship with Funtime Theater and its President, Kathy Easley, came to our rescue early 15 years ago. And since then, we often find ourselves thanking her and her amazing group of actors and stage managers, for the dedication, talent, professionalism, and contributions they make to the historic community on each performance. For three weekends each fall you may join the troop on a walking tour; educational, historic, and amazingly costumed “residents” of the cemetery will share with you the stories of life-their past life, and death, on the Comstock.
Funtime also does murder mysteries and a variety of other community oriented performances. For more information go to their website or Facebook page. ( And, again, we thank them for their major contribution to this project.