Following the November event, the Oddfellows and Masonic cemetery have now replaced their flags.

The Death of Alexis Dillon

On December 12, 2020 our treasurer, Alexis Dillon passed away. Alexis had worked for years, on her own, to protect the Gold Hill cemeteries. In 1999 she joined the Comstock Cemetery Foundation as secretary, later as treasurer. Her dedication and passion will be missed by many, especially by the executive director. She was a dear friend.

Donations in her memory can be made by selecting the donation button on our website or mailing a check to: CCF, P.O. Box 1172, Virginia City, Nevada 89440. Money donated in her name will be applied to Gold Hill cemeteries.

The Comstock Cemetery Foundation is a 501c3 located in Virginia City, Nevada. Established in 1999, our goal is to restore the gardens of the past by preserving the historic cemeteries located on the Comstock within the Virginia City National Landmark. We support Silver City, Gold Hill, and Virginia City’s historic cemeteries. We are guided by a professional advisory board and an extensive master plan. We are supported by a dedicated community, county, and volunteer base. Our board of directors has been together for nearly 21 years.
Ross Bevans, President, Director/Oddfellows Cemetery, Executive Board
Judy Allen, Vice President, Director/St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery, Executive Board
Alexis Dillon, Treasurer, Executive Board-Deceased, replacement TBA
Liz Huntington, Secretary, Executive Board
Cal Dillon, Director/Defunct Cemeteries, Executive Board
Candace Wheeler, Executive Director, Executive Board
Candace Wheeler, temporary representative, Director/County Cemetery
Susan Sornetta, Director/Silver City Cemetery
Joe Curtis, Director/Firemen’s Cemetery
Richard Kohn, Director/Jewish Cemetery

Audio Tour of the Silver Terrace Cemetery

The Silver Terra ce Audio Tour is dedicated to the Gallagher Family, great supporters of the CCF’s efforts to preserve and share the stories of the Comstock Cemeteries.

Instructions to Access the Audio Tour

You control the tour; you may take the entire tour (it’s medium level walk lasting about 1 ½ hours in total, you can take ½ the tour, and/or you can skip around. It is all up to you. You may also access on your computer.
The best way to use the tour is to download ahead of time while you have access to Wi-Fi. You can make a small donation ($1.99 via your App Store) which will avoid the advertising pop-ups-or not.
1.        Go to your App store and install
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3.        Search for Silver Terrace Cemetery Audio Tour, Virginia City NV ©
4.        Select “Download” if you have poor cell service or select “Start” to use in                 GPS mode
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